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04 Chicago Open-Tossups by Wesley Matthews, Matt Cvijanovich, and Mica Hilson

1. In Kaluza-Klein theories, this phenomenon is one of the most effective mechanisms for spontaneous compactification of extra spatial dimensions. It may be extended to macroscopic dielectrics by the Lifshitz Function, though it is more often seen as a retardation of the van der Waals forces in a colloid. First measured by Lamoreaux on the order of piconewtons, it may be calculated by ?hc/480L4 (pi h c over 480 L to the fourth) times mirror area. FTP, what is this small force resulting from quantum vacuum fluctuations of the electromagnetic field that acts between two close parallel uncharged conductors?

2. It includes a production of the play Turpin’s Ride to York. In his leisure, the hero of this novel discusses the news with Laban Tall and Henery Fray at Warren’s Malthouse, and in his work Cainy Ball and Joseph Poorgrass assist him. Baily Pennyways, though caught stealing barley and dismissed by the protagonist, notices her husband at Greenhill Fair, and helps him surprise her at a party. The protagonist had married that man despite his earlier involvement with Fanny Robin. FTP, name this novel in which Seargent Troy’s murder by William Boldwood allows Gabriel Oak to marry Bathsheba Everdene, a work by Thomas Hardy.

3. One of this organization’s early successes was the Newark Community Union Project, which was part of its Economic Research and Action Project designed to rally the urban poor. 1965 saw its first massive demonstration in Washington D.C. against the Vietnam War, thought it effectively disbanded four years later after internal struggles with the Progressive Labor Party. Remnants like the militant Weathermen remained. Founded by Robert Alan Haber at the University of Michigan, its goal was to establish a “participatory democracy.” FTP, name this organization whose manifesto was the Port Huron Statement and which was commonly referred to as SDS.

4. After he discovered the unfaithfulness of his wife Aegialia he went to Italy where he founded Brundisium and Arpi. According to Virgil he refused Venelus’s offer from Turnus and the Latins to join in the fight against Aeneas. Pindar states that he was granted immortality by Athena, a gift denied his father after he had eaten the brains of an enemy. He is best known in his role as an Argive commander and son of Tydeus. FTP, name this Greek hero, who in memorable scenes in the Iliad exchanges armor with Glaucus and wounds both Aphrodite and Ares; not to be confused with the owner of some flesh-eating mares.

5. In a letter to Taneyev, a revision of this work that begins with the original second theme of its opening andante sostenuto is explained. The trio of its third movement features the composer’s only use of the col legno. Its second movement, an andante marziale, contains a wedding march and a quotation of the aria “Spin, O my Spinner,” from the opera Undine. Its finale is based on the folksong “The Crane,” and its first movement is a setting of “Down by Mother Volga.” FTP, name this symphony noted for its use of Ukrainian themes, and possessing a petite nickname, a creation of Tchaikovsky.

6. A Robinson Annulation is a combination of this reaction with a Michael Addition that uses a weak base rather than the typical strong one. TMS enol ethers enhance its enantioselective cross variety. It begins with the removal by the hydroxide of the acidic alpha hydrogen, forming a reactive enolate that attacks the electrophilic carbonyl group in its second step. Its final step is a simple acid-base reaction in which a water molecule is deprotonated by the alkoxide, creating the beta-hydroxyaldehide product. FTP, what is this condensation reaction also used for ketones as well as its eponymous functional group?

7. He probably died in Calcutta without having joined some of his men in a visit to Mecca. Reputed to be seven feet tall, he was often referred to as “Three Jewels.” Among his exploits was the capture of Alagonakkara, King of Ceylon, whom he brought back to his homeland, and the establishment of Parameswara as king of Malacca. The best sources for those exploits are the chroniclers Ma Huan and Fei Hsin. He began his career as a servant of Zhu Di who gave him his most famous post upon becoming the Yunglo emperor. FTP, name this eunuch admiral who commanded the Treasure Fleet in Seven Expeditions during the Ming dynasty.

8. The protagonist believes his discovery of Nancy Hewitt’s partial African ancestry is the deed referred to by the title character, though Archibald Wilcox and Gregory Yates invent their own story. A shouting match between Shadbelly Billson and Thurlow Wilson leads to an auction by Jack Halliday, which allows Dr. Clay Harkness to win an election against Pinkerton. The title character waits for Barclay Goodson to die before taking revenge, during which Burgess saves Edward Richards by withholding his claim. FTP, name this story in which a sack of gilded lead is used to discredit the title town, by Mark Twain.

9. Results were less negative when it took place in a plain office building rather than its original location. Results also differed substantially when instructions were given over a telephone rather than face to face. Tests done in other countries showed that 60-65% of subjects proceeded to the end of the experiment. It was done partly in response to the trial of Adolf Eichmann and the question of whether a Holocaust could happen in the United States. A man dressed in a lab coat would give instructions to the subject to shock the testee, a cohort, when he missed an answer. FTP identify this experiment on obedience named for a Yale psychologist.

10. It is walled around and all but one of the four gates is false, and there is no visible stairway to climb to its upper platform. It is flanked by two buildings of red sandstone one a decorative rest house and the other a mosque. Its height and width are the same discounting the four minarets at its corner. It overlooks the Yamura River and its primary room is octagonal in shape symbolizing the eight gardens of Paradise. Topped with a balloon shaped dome most visitors remember its white marble mirrored in a long reflecting pool. FTP, name this mausoleum in Agra built for the wife of Shah Jahan.

Bonuses by Wesley Matthews, Matt Cvijanovich, and Mica Hilson

11. Name these baseball players from North Dakota, FTP each:

A. He was punter for the University of Nebraska’s football team before batting .352 during the Anaheim Angels’ run to the World Series title. He’s played first base for the Angels for nine years.

B. The only North Dakotan other than Erstad with more than 500 major league at bats is this man whose playing career climaxed with the Milwaukee Brewers in 1976, though his coaching career with the Toronto Blue Jays is more famous. That career ended, of course, when his lies about Marine service in Vietnam were revealed.

C. In addition to his pitching career, he wrestled as “The Masked Marvel.” In 1937, he led the AL with 9 pinch hits and 38 pinch at-bats with the A’s, but was waived to Detroit after winning 10 games in 1939.

12. Name these early 17th Century English dramas FTP each:

A. After marrying her steward Antonio, the title character is betrayed by the slave Bosola to Ferdinand and the Cardinal, who force her to watch a fake corpse of her husband and finally strangle her. Author: John Webster.

B. Beatrice hires De Flores to do away with her betrothed Alonzo de Piracquo so she can marry Alsemero, who commits suicide with her when they are caught and brought before Alicante. Authors: Thomas Middleton and William Rowley.

13. Name these things about various South American declarations of independence, FTP each:

A. In 1814 Simon Bolivar wrote his “Letter from” this place, his inspired political document advocating republican government throughout South America.

B. After this group led by Juan Antonio Lavalleja declared Uruguay’s independence from Brazil, it was amalgamated with the Provinces of La Plata. They later split into the Colorados and Blancos.

C. Under the influence of his advisor Jose Bonifacio, this son of Dom João VI uttered the infamous Cry of Ipiranga in 1822 and became the first emperor of Brazil.

14. Name these things about transcription in prokaryotes, FTP each

A. The dissociation of the ternary conscription complex at the termination of the gene that terminates transcription is accomplished with this hexameric ring-shaped helicase.

B. Mutations in the Rho factor cause longer mRNA molecules to form when RNA polymerase reads through these transcription units that consist of a promoter and a DNA binding site for a repressor. The first catalogued was the lac variety.

C. 10 base pairs upstream from the transcription start site is this relatively invariant sequence of 6 nucleotides reading TATAAT that allows transcription by RNA polymerase via its weak hydrogen bonds.

15. Identify these German painters, FTP each:

A. His paintings include "Four Apostles" and "The Great Piece of Turf" but he is better known for woodcuts like "Knight, Death, and the Devil".
B. This Romantic Landscape painter’s works include "Cloister Graveyard in the Snow", "The Cross in the Mountains" and "The Wreck of the Hope".
C. A member of the “New Objectivity” Movement this expressionist’s works are very anti-war and include "Metropolis", "Trench Warfare", and "War Cripples". He was deemed degenerate by the Nazis, which couldn’t be all that bad.
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