Matt's Buzzers

Method of Selection


Our selection methodolgy has been the same from the beginning. All teams are entered into a spreadsheet with columns for their sequential order of receipt, state, school name, and coach's name. They are initially sorted by date of receipt of the application. We decided early on that we will draw one team separately from any state that submits 10% or more of the total applications. Once these schools are drawn,they are removed from the spreadsheet. The list is then resorted by coach's name. From there, the remaining schools are selected. We have been using and will continue to use the random number generator found at to select our teams. The numbers generated are matched to the row number in the spreadsheet. This particular random number generator uses atmospheric noise to generate the number(s). We would like to believe that Matt has some say in who is selected.

FYI - On occasion, we receive applications from more than one team at the same school (such as a HS and a Junior High team). In cases such as these, we will accept and consider the applications from both teams in our random selection process. If by some chance, multiple teams from the same school are selected, only one grant will be awarded to that school and a team from a different school will be selected for the remaining grant. We believe this is the fairest way to handle this situation.

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